The Dylan Madden Hustle Blueprint Bundle: Expat Ukraine’s Review

In the age of the internet, there are countless gurus all offering to sell you the mythical ticket to success. Needless to say, some are far more legitimate than others. That being said, it is always refreshing when you find a real one in a sea of fakers. Today, we’re shifting gears a bit and discussing a new product that exists at the intersection of money, mindset, and hustle. Most importantly, this product is someone whose growth I have been following for the past few years, Dylan Madden. Without further adieu, I present to you Expat Ukraine’s review of Dylan Madden’s Hustle Blueprint Bundle.

Who Is Dylan Madden

For starters, let’s first take a moment to discuss a guy who is undoubtedly one of the rising stars of the men’s community, Dylan Madden.

I first became aware of Dylan through the now defunct blog, Bold and Determined. For those who don’t know, B&D was perhaps one of the most influential blogs to have ever existed in the so-called “manosphere.”

At one point or another, B&D’s proprietor, Victor Pride, revealed that he had an assistant who was helping him out behind the scenes. That assistant was none other than a young Dylan Madden, a mere embryo of what he has become today.

Immediately curious, I followed Dylan on social, and have thoroughly enjoyed watching his progress over the years.

A Living Testament To The Power of Doing The Work

What is refreshing to see about Dylan is that he is someone who seemed to “start at the bottom.”

His social posts and online content reveals a life where he was once incredibly overweight, in poor financial straits, and living at home with his parents.

Now? He’s unrecognizable from whenever I first started following him. He’s used his online presence as a means of funding a lifestyle of fun, freedom, and fulfillment. Better yet, he moved to Romania for a short period of time. Now, he’s enjoying the expat lifestyle in Doha, Qatar.

At Expat Ukraine, we always talk about how it is possible for you to leave the United States, improve yourself, and build your wealth quite dramatically if you follow a few simple steps.

Dylan is someone who has done just this. Better yet, he’s also taken to writing about his experiences. Clearly, this works to help others overcome the same stumbling blocks that he dealt with himself.

And for this reason, I’d say his word is worth its weight in gold.

The Hustle Blueprint Bundle

The biggest gripe that most people have with going abroad is as follows…

“Okay, okay! I know that life in Eastern Europe is cheaper. I know I can save a ton of cash, and I can start meeting a lot of of girls.

But, how will I pay for all of this?”

This is an entirely fair question, and we’ve covered this a few times before.

The truth of the matter, however, is that learning how to make money, especially in a way that is location independent, involves a process of personal growth.

In other words, get ready to try something and fail. Then, you’ll try something else, fail again, and continue to do this until you find one thing that kind of works.

This is known as “failing forward,” and is absolutely essential to success in any field.

Needless to say, being able to embrace continual setbacks and the transient nature of life as an entrepreneur is no easy task.

To help you out along the process, Dylan has created a package where two of his best works are bundled as one: Think and Go Hustle, and How To Make Your First $3,000.

And, with the help of Think and Go Hustle, the process of failing forward becomes exponentially easier.

Book #1: Think And Go Hustle by Dylan Madden

The first book included in The Hustle Blueprint Bundle is his first-ever published work, “Think And Go Hustle.”

While this work won’t give you a step by step on how to make money, it will lay out the blueprint of a mindset that is worth millions.

Following a five level system that involves rewriting the script of your own life, and “playing a character” that you wish to become, it calls upon classic techniques that work to improve one’s mindset.

What I loved about Level 4 of the work, entitled “Character Creation” is that it is entirely consistent with a technique that actors utilize, known as Stanislavski’s System.

Without delivering a dissertation on cognitive psychology, Stanislavski’s System is a way that actors will prepare for a role by literally “becoming” their character.

This means that even when they go home and are off set, they still assume the role that they are playing.

That being said, this technique is not just useful for actors looking to nail a role. But, it is for anybody attempting to improve themselves and become more than they currently are.

Honestly, I’m not entirely sure if Dylan is familiar with Stanislavski’s System.

But the fact that he’s come to the same conclusions as some of the greatest minds to ever exist in the field of self analysis highlights that he’s onto something greater than himself.

And, I’m hardly the only one who has noticed this.

A Foreward By Ed Latimore

Two things drew me into this book. Aside from a catch-y and familiar title, Dylan managed to lock in a foreward from none other than Ed Latimore.

Ed has become something of an icon in recent years, and is extraordinarily well known in the self-help community. Considering that Dylan published this piece in 2017, it is clear that Ed saw something tremendous in him.

This is perhaps due to the fact that he’s unafraid to share both his successes, and his failures.

Actionable Advice & Personal Anecdotes

What I liked most about Think & Go Hustle is that Dylan constantly tells stories how of the lessons he lays out apply to his own life.

Sure, talking about an idea, in theory, is one thing. However, it is something else entirely when someone is willing to tell personal stories about the not so glamorous side of self-development.

Dylan reminds me a bit of Mike Cernovich in this regard, who once inspired me with the following quote…

“I’ve been fit, fat, and jacked.”

Dylan exhibits similar honesty time and time again, such as with the following quote from Level 3.

“My desire to create myself came from me never feeling like I fit in. I had two choices. One, I could always stay lost and waste away like most of the other people. Two, I could become the person I wanted and then find like-minded people.”

Book #2: How To Make Your First $3,000 by Dylan Madden

Now, I know what you may be thinking here.

$3,000 isn’t buku bucks.

But, let’s pause for a moment.

I can remember a time in the not-so-distant past where $3,000 would have made a world of difference to me.

In fact, when I first went abroad, I struggled immensely. I had saved up a tiny bit of cash before venturing off. But, in no way was I financially prepared to make such a big move.

Had I access to Dylan’s work (or simply the insight that he posesses), I could have been far better prepared.

Luckily, you do. Use it to your advantage!

So Simple You Didn’t Think Of It

Dylan’s methodology for making your first $3,000 involves something so devilishly simple that, you probably didn’t think of it: flipping items on Craigslist.

That’s right. It is as simple as finding items for sale at discount shops in your local area, and reselling them for more than you paid.

Think about it: most people who are selling their things on Craigslist usually need quick money. They don’t have time to waste, and will often settle for a much lower price than they paid.

You, on the other hand, have what they don’t have: patience.

Dylan highlights how he would often go to Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity, purchase items for as little as $10, $25, or $50, and resell them for $100+.

In fact, he even discusses pillaging the “free” section on Craigslist, and then selling those same items for hundreds.

I won’t giveaway too many of his tips, but I have to hand it to him…

His methodology here is simple, but deadly.

And sure, while flipping items on Craigslist may not be your dream job…you have to start somewhere.

You Have To Start Somewhere

What I find most endearing about Dylan’s online presence is that he is authentic.

Dylan isn’t the kind of guy who is tossing around loads of cash in an attempt to gain your attention. Lots of people do that, and while some are worth listening to, most are faking it.

Hell, he’s written a book about flipping items on Craigslist! Dylan Madden about as authentic as you can get.

And, while I am certain that Dylan’s financial situation is beyond sorted out, what you have here is a story that is, above all else, relatable.

Personally, I see this as his strongest suit.

He has been where you are right now, and holds the keys to getting you out of the mess you’re in.

Maybe that means being trapped in a body you don’t like. Or, perhaps you are working at a job you hate. Hell, maybe you’re just living in a country that’s quickly going down the tubes.

No matter your situation, Dylan Madden’s work holds many of the answers you may be seeking.

Conclusion: Dylan Madden Gets Our Stamp of Approval

In closing, Dylan Madden is a writer that I highly suggest anybody who is interesting in entrepreneurship and self development have a look into.

His blog, YouTube, and social media are all great places to start. In fact, his Twitter feed is probably one of my favorite on the platform.

But, if you’re really interested in diving into his content, The Hustle Blueprint Bundle is a great way of doing just that.

In 2020, we’re almost starved of great content creators who will give you honest, actionable information on self-improvement.

Luckily for us, Dylan Madden’s work stands out as one of the last bastions of genuine information regarding how to crush it in life.

And that, my friends, is something you cannot put a price tag on.

Click here to check out The Hustle Blueprint Bundle.

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