Moscow Girls: The Ultimate Guide | 2020 Edition

Russian women are known all around the world for their beauty, grace, and many lovely qualities. While it is clear that we’re big fans of Ukrainian women, it should be known that Russian women are an excellent choice as well. Today, we’re discussing a topic that we do not address nearly enough over here at Expat Ukraine: women from Russia. Read on to learn all about how to meet and date Moscow girls.

Let’s get started!

Welcome to Moscow

Moscow is the largest city in the Russian Federation. It is a sprawling metropolis with 12 million people in total. Moscow contains diverse populations from different Russian regions, the Caucasus, and Central Asia, making it a microcosm of the former Soviet Union.

While this is great for food and culture, it is also great in terms of the selection of women you have to choose from. No matter your type (unless you really like black girls), you will probably be able to find it in Moscow.

Additionally, sightseeing in Moscow is really second to none. In Moscow, you can find iconic tourist attractions, such as Red Square, the Kremlin, the Tretyakovksy Gallery, and Lenin’s Mausoleum. Having recently taken a trip there, we genuinely suggest that you take a break from your busy dating schedule to have a look around at the city’s history.

Logistics & Where To Stay

Whether you are into day game or night game, Moscow has plenty to offer. As usual, we suggest a three-pronged approach. In addition to being sure to use online dating sites while in Moscow, we suggest approaching girls you meet on the street, as well as frequenting the city’s illustrious club scene.

Unlike Kyiv, Moscow’s club scene is largely spread out.

However, there are a few areas that can’t be missed in the Russian capital. One such area is called Red October, which is an island that offers hip bars with great views of the river at night.

Because of fierce competition in the nightlife market, few clubs and bars last more than a few years. Then again, this also makes for a fresh selection of places to go with every visit.

I recommend staying anywhere within the garden ring, which is considered the center of Moscow. Once within the garden ring, any location is cheaply and easily accessible by the metro, cheap ridesharing apps (Yandex and Uber are most popular), or on foot.

Like many former Soviet cities, Moscow is rather walkable and has an excellent metro system.

Beyond logistics, however, it is important to note that Moscow girls are not necessarily like every other Russian girl you will meet both in the country and abroad.

Girls in Moscow vs. The Rest of Russia

One has to understand that economic conditions are considerably better in Moscow than in other parts of Russia.

As such, this produces two types of women in Moscow. There are native-born and raised Moscow girls, and girls that live in Moscow from other Russian regions.

Predictably, those from Moscow are more Westernized.

These types can focus on photography, going to the gym, playing tennis, and going on vacations as they have disposable income from living rent-free at their mother’s apartment.

This allows them to justify putting off getting married until their late-20s. Moscow girls are familiar with the latest fashions, cosmetics, western culture, and are usually well-travelled.

Additionally, Moscow girls can modify their behavior generally out of pure self-interest. They can be feminine, bitchy, demanding, and laid-back as the situation dictates. Rather than focusing on real-life issues, a lot of their time is spent getting likes on Instagram.

Moscow Girls Are Quite Modern

Most girls from Moscow do not have to be too ambitious, because they will probably inherit their grandparent’s apartments and country properties if they haven’t already. Today, these are likely worth a small fortune. Because of this, many Moscow girls effectively get to play life on easy mode.

Women from other Russian cities tend to exhibit more provincial behavior. They are more shy, feminine, and reserved than Moscow girls. In some ways, you could compare them to girls that you would meet in a city like Lviv.

These women often have naïve concepts of love, gender relations, romance, and family. As such, provincial girls tend to see high symbolic value in flowers, being provided for financially by a man, and being submissive to a man as well.

If these provincial girls make it to Moscow, since they struggle to pay for rent and food, they look for a man that can provide a stable future for her. Ahh yes, it’s a man’s world in Russia!

But, it’s worth noting that Moscow girls are, in many ways, a bit more similar to Westernized girls than those you would meet even in Kyiv.

What Are Moscow Girls Like?

In their hit song Back in the USSR, the Beatles stated that “Moscow girls make me sing and shout” and make the band members want to “leave the West behind.”  

Thus, women in Moscow are well-renowned for their beauty, and notorious for their love of money.

Of course, Moscow does not know modesty, and nice guys finish last! The value of a man can sometimes feel like it is dictated by the monetary value he brings to the table.

As a result, approaching and seducing Moscow girls require men to bring their A-game.

A men’s shoes should be clean, his shirt ironed, and there should be rubles in his wallet. Of course, there are always some bar stragglers (who wants those anyways?), but high-quality girls require a top-notch approach.

Despite all the obstacles, love, sex, and casual dating can be found in Moscow.

How To Get Laid in Moscow

Once upon a time in Moscow, before online dating took over, getting laid required a bit more skill than today. You had to make a well-calculated approach. Today, the game has changed a bit, especially with some dating apps that are making it easier than ever.

Of course, some of the fundamentals remain the same.

The first rule is to be aggressive.

That’s right. I’m telling you to be aggressive.

If you’re from the West, you probably suffer from nice guy syndrome. It can be somewhat odd to Western men, as there are some things that are standard in Moscow that just do not exist in the West.

For example, you have to speak the “language of confidence. “

Do not say, “hey, do you want to meet up this weekend?”

Instead, you have to say, “I really enjoyed meeting you. Let’s meet on Friday at ________.”

Hilariously, what could be considered sexual harassment in the West is considered part of the game in Russia. Get used to it!

You have to be direct, persistent, and not give up.

It’s also never a bad idea to be a little more compliment friendly in Moscow, while also being assertive, aggressive, and showing direction.

In Moscow, Men Are Men, and Women Are Women

If you wind up in an actual relationship with a girl from Moscow, you will most likely have to buy flowers and throw down some money while dating.

Lastly, try to balance a sense of humor by showing yourself as a serious man. Guys who are always employing “cocky and funny” game in Moscow are looked at as fools. There’s nothing wrong with having a lighter side, but keep it in check when dealing with women from Moscow.

The most important thing I can tell you, however, is to abandon liberal concepts of gender equality.

The woman never pays the bill. Don’t even think about suggesting it.

If you want to “go Dutch,” go to Holland.

Russian women ALWAYS expect you to foot their bill, this allows them to feel like a woman.

You might waste money, but at least you don’t have to listen to some fat lesbian lecturing you about how all gender roles are purely a societal construct.

Best of all, there are apps that you can use to start meeting girls in Moscow without even leaving the house.

Moscow Girls & Online Dating

In Moscow, the leading dating site is Russian Cupid.

Sure, Tinder and similar sites do exist in Moscow, and using these sites will increase your exposure to the masses.

However, Tinder overseas can really be a mixed bag. The quality just isn’t there a lot of the time, not to mention it’s teaming with scammers. It is for this reason that we prefer a more premium service, such as Russian Cupid.

The best part about online dating in Moscow is that you certainly do not have to be in Russia in order to see how the girls are. All it takes is creating a free account on the service, and having a look for yourself.

Better yet, Russian Cupid has an award winning trust and safety team that ensures your matches on the service are legitimate, and most importantly, that you are kept safe from scammers.

That, my friends, is something that you cannot put a price on.


It is worth understanding that, in Russia, things were considerably different in the 1990s.

At that time, an American passport was enough to get you laid in Moscow. Westerners developed a false sense of confidence in banging Russian women. Those days, tragically, are over.

Russia’s economy has improved. This does not mean that Westerners cannot find girls in Moscow. It just means that they have to “up their game,” and be realistic.

Many men come to Moscow looking for the hottest chicks when they are nasty looking unemployed ex-truck drivers and divorcees from Kentucky. These same men complain about restaurant and bar bills they paid for Russian sex bombs.

These “sexpats” don’t speak a word of Russian, or even grammatically correct English, and expect Russian women to throw down the red carpet for them.

Wake up and smell the borsh! One last thing, going to Russia requires a visa and registration, which costs money. This lessens the quantity of “sexpats” as one might see in Ukraine because Ukraine has visa-free agreements with most countries.

You don’t have to deal with as many British or Turkish stag parties in Moscow as you would in Odessa and Kiev.

Being a foreigner makes you unique in the Russian capital. You got to play your cards right, and you will succeed.

Good luck out there!

-Expat Ukraine

By the way, if you’re interested in meeting girls in Moscow, check out this website.

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