The Best Lviv Ukraine Restaurants: 2020 Edition

At Expat Ukraine, Lviv is one of our absolute favorite cities in the entire country. Often a lesser-visited destination when compared with Kiev, Lviv is a city of food, culture, and of course, and tons of beautiful women. If you plan on visiting Ukraine, a side trip Lviv is an absolute must. Today, we’re discussing our five favorite Lviv Ukraine restaurants, both for dating and just for grabbing a quick bite to eat.

Let’s get started!

Bachevskyy: Our Favorite of the Lviv Ukraine Restaurants

Bachevskyy is probably the most inexpensive “fancy” restaurant you’ll ever go to in your entire life. It is truly fine dining at its absolute best.

There are so many things we could say about Bachevskyy. Whether it be the domed, greenhouse interior, champagne brunches on lazy Sundays, upscale lunches, or big nights out, this restaurant is suitable for any occasion where fine dining is required.

Better yet, I’ll often manage to pay less than $35 for two people here. One of my favorite things to do in Lviv is to take people here, go all out ordering drinks, appetizers, and entrees, and show them how ridiculously small the bill is afterward.

Good for: brunches, fancy dates, shock value at the price of the bill.

Garmata at the Citadel Inn

The Citadel Inn is a hotel that is located on a hill that overlooks Lviv. Housed in a former army barracks, it may be the nicest hotel in the entire city. And, to the delight of diners from all over the world, it is also home to one of the nicest restaurants in the city as well, Garmata.

Being that it’s located in a hotel, this is probably one of the most expensive places on this list. Last I recall, I spent $110 here for a holiday tasting menu and two bottles of wine with a date. In the West, the meal would have easily cost three times as much.

Garmata is the brainchild of famous Ukrainian chef Evgeniy Sushko. Expect white table cloths, wine pairings, appetizers, and a delicious desert menu.

Good for: upscale dates with Lviv girls.

Chaykhana Samarkand

If you’re an adventurous eater, you absolutely must give Chaykhana Samarland a try.

Located in the lover level of Soviet block building, it does not look like much on the outside. Upon walking through its doors, however, you are immediately greeted with one of the most ornate, colorful restaurant interiors that I have ever seen in my life.

Chaykhana is an Uzbek restaurant, a country in Central Asia. Their food is known for being a fusion between typical Asian delicacies and the heavier, carb-laden Eastern European fare.

Cushy seating, hot tea, and traditional Uzbek ethnic music playing make this one of my favorite places to go when visiting Lviv. If you happen to be accompanied by a particularly bohemian type of girl, you can’t go wrong here.

Good for: cheap dates, adventurous eating, a step away from the norm.

Arsenal Ribs: The Most Unexpected of the Lviv Ukraine Restaurants

Arsenal Ribs is probably one of the best places to eat meat on the entire planet. While it is something of a tourist trap, it is an absolute must-see in Lviv.

At Arsenal Ribs, they give you no silverware, as all of the food that’s served there are ribs, finger food, and beer. Gigantic, rotating grills that spin around a hot flame cook ribs right before your very eyes. Tables are long and communal. You’re likely to be seated next to a few other groups of people, which really just adds to the fun of the whole experience.

Occasionally, you may end up next to somewhat of a rowdy bunch, so I typically don’t bring girls here. Instead, I’ll make it the first stop on a night out with friends.

Good for: boy’s night out, casual dinners, drinking excessively.


One of Lviv’s only late-night eateries, next to the infamous drunk tank hangout that is Big Plate, Kumpel is yet another one of Lviv’s finest destinations for meat and beer.

That being said, it’s a huge step up from Arsenal Ribs. They brew their own beer, and have a lovely interior that isn’t quite date night worthy, but is definitely a bit lush when compared with similar places in its ranks.

With an interior that’s made up of wood, leather, and stone and the sizzling smell of hot sausages being fried up, this is one place that I make sure to visit every time I am in Lviv.

Good for: late night meals, craft beer, business meetings.

Conclusion: There Are Plenty of Excellent Lviv Ukraine Restaurants

Though most people will spend their entire trip to Ukraine in Kyiv, we really cannot suggest a trip to Lviv enough. It truly is a city like no other. And, it doesn’t get the credit it deserves, especially when it comes to its options regarding dining. Best of all, as Lviv is one of the cheapest cities in the work to eat well. None of these restaurants will truly break the bank.

Enjoy your trip to Lviv, and let us know how you experience was in the comments!

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